SORP 2019 Webinars: Partnerships & Collaborations

Webinar: Sustainable Recreation Partnerships with Federal Agencies: Lessons from California’s Eastern Sierra

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Recording of webinar:

Overview of the milestones and opportunities that have let to the formation of the “Eastern Sierra Sustainable Recreation Partnership”, a unique and replicable public/public partnership between Federal land management agencies and local governments to advance opportunities for local gateways communities and public land managers.


  • Featured “learning objectives” will include the following”
    • Introductory/framing remarks from the Washington Office of the USFS
    • The role of public lands in the State of California
    • Localized case study: Mono County, CA
    • USFS Land Management Planning and the “2012 Planning Rule”
    • How to Build Effective Recreation Collaboratives and What is Their Value
    • The National Outdoor Recreation Movement
    • Climate Change and Sustainable Outdoor Recreation
    • Localized case study: Mammoth Lakes, CA
    • A Collaborative Becomes a Partnership
    • Investment by the State of California
    • The 3 Years Ahead

John Wentworth, Town Council
Town of Mammoth Lakes

Speaker Bio
John Wentworth is a member of the Town Council of the Town of Mammoth Lakes, and recently served as the Town’s Mayor. He also serves on local agency boards, including the Eastern Sierra Council of Governments; the Mono County Local Transportation Commission; the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District; and Mammoth Lakes Housing.  For the State of California, John serves as a member of the Technical Advisory Council for the State's Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program, through the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research.  John is Chairman and CEO of the Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation (MLTPA). MLTPA has worked closely with regional public land managers, including the Inyo National Forest on the update of its General Management Plan through the Eastern Sierra Recreation Collaborative, funded in part by the National Forest Foundation. MLTPA initiated an ambitious update of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Trail System Master Plan, spearheaded the adoption of two special tax measures in Mammoth Lakes securing local funding for trails, parks, recreation, mobility and arts and culture, and for his efforts has been recognized by the Sierra Business Council and the Far West Ski Association. Prior to moving to Mammoth Lakes, John worked in the motion picture industry, where his credits include Co-Producer of “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” and “Mulholland Drive”.