SORP 2021 Webinars: Recovery & Resilience

Webinar: Visitor Retention: New and Repeat Visitors: Using Data to Inform Decisions for 2021

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
10am - 12am PT


2020 brought an array of visitor use management challenges to park and recreation professionals. Many sites experienced increase in demand as well as new visitors. Most agencies are currently undertaking operational and budgetary forecasting for 2021. Park agencies have an opportunity to leverage their day use, permit and camping data to better understand their visitors. This webinar will provide park and recreation professionals insight as to how to think through their visitor profile, provide an example of how agencies can use their existing data sets and other tools to gain additional insight to their historical visitors. By the end of this session, attendees will have a new appreciation for the importance of using data to make management decisions.    


  • Understand why a Park and Recreation agency would leverage data to make decisions
  • Identify existing data sets that can be evaluated.
  • Identify other data sources that can be leveraged to understand visitor sentiments.
  • Learn how data mining can inform your visitor communication strategy.


Margaret Bailey
Sr. Vice President
CHM Government Services