SORP 2018 Webinar

Webinar: International Perspectives on Visitor Use Management from a New IUCN Best Practice Guidelines
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

9am Pacific / 10am Mountain / 11am Central / 12pm Eastern

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Webinar #4 will focus on understanding the resources and international examples provided by the newly released IUCN Best Practice Guidelines, entitled "Tourism and Visitor Management in Protected Areas: Guidelines for Sustainability” (ST-BPG). Accessible via the IUCN Web Portal (, this publication was a global collaboration of 58 contributing authors from 24 countries and territories. It contains a wealth of best-practice examples to help managers achieve sustainable visitation and tourism in protected areas worldwide. SORP has assembled two members of the ST-BPG editorial team to discuss:

  1. The development, objectives and target audience of these new IUCN Guidelines
  2. The scope and content areas of this publication as related to visitor use management
  3. The resources available from the ST-BPG Online Resource Directory and relevant IUCN platforms
  4. Selected international examples of visitor use management


  • Understand the key challenges and principles of tourism and visitor management in protected areas
  • Identify the ST-BPG Online Resource Directory and other IUCN platforms for further exploration
  • Gain an international perspective of best-practices for visitor management in protected areas
  • Facilitate exchange among the audience on visitor management challenges and related information needs



Yu-Fai Leung, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Graduate Programs
Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
North Carolina State University

Glen Hvenegaard, Ph.D.
Environmental Science and Geography
University of Alberta

Debbie Mucha, M.S.
Division of Alberta Environment and Parks, Kananaskis Region, Canada
Ivana Damnjanović, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Vice-Dean for International Cooperation
Faculty of Health, Legal and Business Studies
Singidunum University, Serbia

Speaker Bios

Dr. Yu-Fai Leung is the Editor-in-Chief of the ST-BPG. His research addresses the sustainable planning and management of recreation, tourism and other visitor use in protected areas, with a special focus on recreation ecology and visitor use/impact monitoring. He also applies geospatial technology and monitoring as public engagement and capacity building tools. He is a member of the IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas and its Tourism and Protected Areas and Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Groups.

Dr. Hvenegaard is the Co-Editor of the ST-BPG. His research focuses on the conservation dynamics of ecotourism (e.g. wildlife festivals, birding, whale watching, protected area tourism), biogeography (e.g. birds in agricultural environments, green spaces, shorebirds, ecological indicators), and environmental education (e.g. fieldwork, park interpretation, independent studies courses, expedition courses). He is a member of the IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas and its Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group.