SORP 2020 Webinars:


Igniting the Science of Outdoor Recreation: A Research Strategy for Sustainable Recreation and Tourism on Public Lands

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


“Igniting the Science of Outdoor Recreation” is a multi-agency effort led by the USDA Forest Service that has engaged over one hundred outdoor recreation and tourism researchers, practitioners, and advocates to strategize about how research programs can better serve the evolving needs of sustainable recreation and tourism managers on public lands. In this webinar, we will set the stage for the need for a new research strategy with key arguments from a recent report authored by 17 recreation thought leaders. We’ll then take the audience on an annotated tour through the research strategy, highlighting the interdisciplinary and cross-sector research areas and partnerships prioritized for a reinvigorated national recreation and tourism research program. Finally, we will share upcoming opportunities to engage with an expanding and evolving community of practice dedicated to implementing the research prioritized in the strategy. Our key questions for this group include: What are the conditions needed to facilitate an effective co-production model in recreation and tourism science? Where is some of this research already happening well, and what has enabled this? What institutional obstacles do you see for pursuing these topics? How can the SORP community work together to raise the stature of recreation research across government, academia, NGOs, and industry?


  • Understand the need and opportunity for recreation research, and learn about the research focus areas prioritized in a new research strategy. 
  • Learn about ways to implement the research strategy through critical partnerships among recreation professionals and across disciplines and sectors.
  • Connect to an expanding community of practice centered on human experiences of nature and the outdoors. 



Lee Cerveny, PhD
Research Social Scientist
USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station

Monika Derrien, PhD
Research Social Scientist
USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station

Anna Miller, PhD
Assistant Director
Utah State University, Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Cerveny Bio
Lee is an anthropologist who studies how people view, value, and interact with the natural environment using a variety of approaches.  She is especially interested in the nature of outdoor experiences and understanding the variety of benefits of public lands to people.

Derrien Bio
Monika is a social scientist interested in the human dimensions of natural resource management, especially related to social, cultural, and health aspects of outdoor recreation and community planning.

Miller Bio
Anna is a recreation ecologist focusing on human-wildlife interactions, and is interested in mechanisms for working across disciplines to build sustainable outdoor recreation and tourism management.