SORP 2020 Webinars:


A New Table

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


People of color want to participate in the outdoors, but don’t always feel safe or included in outdoor recreation community or industry. Some say, “We just want a seat at the table” but what about letting communities build their own tables. This webinar will focus on how organizations can partner for more diverse and inclusive outdoor experiences. The presentation will highlight how Chevon took a police incident to create a festival to build community and change the narrative of who belongs in the outdoors. In conversation with partners we’ll dive in to understanding community needs, building from values and being bold.


  • Understand the distinct ways in which the narratives about People of Color have negatively affected access to the outdoors.
  • Know how community partnerships can be led-by People of Color and other marginalized communities. 
  • Identify potential opportunities organizations have, and can, use to adapt to shifting demographics.


Chevon Powell
Owner, Golden Bricks Events

Neli Jasuja
Program Manager, Nature Connections
Young Women Empowered

Chevon Powell is founder of Golden Bricks Events (GBE), an event company focused on diversity equity and inclusion in the outdoors. In addition to consulting and event management, GBE’s signature event, the Refuge Outdoor Festival, is an outdoor recreation and music camping experience geared toward people of color. GBE is committed to getting 10,000 people of color outdoors by 2021!

Neli Jasuja has the pleasure of managing and facilitating the Nature Connections program at Young Women Empowered, cultivating the power of young womxn to be courageous changemakers in their communities and environment. By engaging in reciprocal relationship with nature, uplifting indigenous and ancestral knowledge, and challenging environmental injustice, the young people not only build leadership and outdoor skills; they also ground in their inner strength, resilience, and passion.