SORP 40th Anniversary celebrates its members and partners

SORP is celebrating 40 years!

As we gratefully gather around the campfire together–literally and virtually–this year to celebrate, it's not just SORP's legacy we're celebrating. It's yours–our members and partners.

This milestone comes at an exciting and pivotal moment in our profession and outdoor recreation. We're proud to have served professionals in the outdoor recreation community for four decades and are energized to continue to seek new ways to make a lasting impact together.

Join the celebration! Share your story, and support the future of our profession.

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Your journeys, dreams, and milestones are what makes our profession so special.

Help us celebrate the past, present, and future of the Outdoor Recreation Profession through your stories. Please click the button below to share your memories, experiences, vision, and photos.

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At this exciting milestone, we are raising $40,000 to better connect and prepare outdoor recreation professionals for the future.

Your generous donation will:

  • Provide better tools to connect our community online and outdoors.
  • Increase equity, access, and mentoring opportunities.
  • Help outdoor recreation professionals get the new skills and resources needed for a rapidly evolving future.
  • Support scholarships for students, new professionals, and underrepresented communities to attend workshops, conferences, and other training opportunities.

Your gift will make all the difference in helping outdoor recreation professionals acquire the skills and resources they need to succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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 Photo credit: International Mountain Biking Association

*NEW* SORP is now offering Organizational and University memberships. These memberships provide excellent value for multiple people in your organization or university to access SORP training and professional development and discounts on fee-based events such as conferences and workshops. Please contact Rachel Franchina for more information.